Are Nigerian Rappers Lazy? [A LokalFM Special]

So, J Cole Came And Conquered Lagos, Had Fans Spitting Verses Off His Just Released KOD Album. And Then Pandemonium Broke Out On Social Media. Swiftly, Industry Players, Fans, Social Media Influencers And Rappers Themselves Pitched Tents With Aligned Thoughts.
It Got Ugly Quick.
But It Has Raised Questions That Demand Answers.
How Hard Does A Nigerian Rapper Have To Work To Deserve Some Accolades?
Melody Hassan [City 105.1fm], Paul “Scraggy Okogie, [Retired MC], Obinna “D’Angry Mob” Agwu [Music Business Expert], Segun “Da Boomsha” Ayinla [MC/Legal Expert] & Benjamin “Bugzy” Kadiri [Owner, GAPRadio], offer insights.

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