There’s a rush for video content delivery via an online channel.

iROKO started with streaming before adding a download option, and now it maintains a network of agents and kiosks. What is obvious to iROKO that the likes of Kwese TV, DSTV and LITV are yet to get?
Is the streaming model the next phase for video on demand in Nigeria?

Speaking during the 2018 edition of Techpoint Build, iROKO founder, Jason Njoku pointed out that it’s too early to conclude that Nigerians love streaming from their devices in spite of the popularity of Nollywood — the Nigerian film industry.

It’s no news that the cost of Internet subscription is still expensive compared to some other African countries. And the life support for online video content is Internet connection. Not forgetting that the connection must be strong to really enjoy streaming service.

Nigeria has had its fair share of players entering and exiting the video on demand (VoD) market space. Yet, the sector remains one of the most interesting and promising ones, considering that Nigerians are on the push for more broadband penetration.

The latest entrant into the market is the Nigerian popular blogger Linda Ikeji with the Linda Ikeji TV (LITV) going beyond YouTube into a full online video streaming channel with reality shows, movies, TV series and TV shows.

SOURCE: techpoint.ng